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Is your team out of alignment?

Mar 9, 2022

It is the “us against them” mindset that pits one group against another and puts management out of alignment.

This mindset creates silos and divisions that can fracture an organization. And it’s reinforced when leaders turn “us” into helpless victims and “them” into villains.

The key to stopping this behavior will be to demonstrate its negative impacts, create a range of positive alternatives, and influence your peers to hold each other accountable for using these alternatives.

This requires leaders at the top who are committed to making it happen.

Leaders who have ignored the potential impact of, e.g., working from home (WFH) have put their organizations at substantial risk. On the other hand, commitment, engagement, and teamwork are stronger than ever in organizations where leaders proactively engage employees despite WFH.

So, how do we cope with:

  • Employee turnover?

  • Sinking productivity?

  • Weakened employee commitment and connection?

  • Strained team performance and teamwork?

  • Lower employee engagement and morale?

  • Weakened employee/manager relationships?

  • Overall, how to improve the alignment of your team(s)?

Let us discuss! Join us!

Is your team out of alignment?
Inspiring Conversations

Inspiring Conversations

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