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eBook: Costly Conversations

Why Employee Silence Wrecks Your Bottom Line

New research from Crucial Learning shows that conversation failures in the workplace are both rampant and costly. How costly? Forty-three percent estimate they waste two weeks or more ruminating about an unresolved problem at work. And an astounding one in three estimate their inability to speak up in a crucial moment has cost their organization at least $25,000 in time and resources – a painful new meaning to the term “hush money.”

Unfortunately, employees don’t believe they have the ability or support to address bad behavior and cut lost costs. Almost half state they and others in their organization are not at all skilled or only a bit skilled at having these work-related Crucial Conversations.

Download our free ebook, Costly Conversations: Why Employee Silence Wrecks Your Bottom Line, and learn how to help your employees feel confident voicing their concerns.


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